Your Money

Your Money is a radio show by Bruce Helmer and Peg Webb—primarily airing in the midwest. With the radio industry fading and our company growing outside the midwest, we decided to refresh Your Money as a podcast.


Bruce and Peg had previously been "the brand" of Your Money. We were in need of a entire brand for this show.


I created this mark to be contemporary and fun but still feel trustworthy and reliable. The decorative serif font accomplishes all of this, giving it a unique memorable look.


Dollar signs are a go-to for financial podcasts, so I wanted to make sure our mark stood out. I decided to break apart the dollar sign every so slightly giving it a modern feel, while mimicking the contrasting weights found in the letterforms.


The goal with the podcast art was to really let the decorative typeface shine and showcase the title of each episode.


The look and feel of the cover art was then carried over to social media posts to create a cohesive, recognizable look for the brand.