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Your Money

Your Money is a finance radio show primarily airing in the midwest. With the radio industry fading, and our company rapidly growing outside the midwest, it became clear the strategy behind Your Money need to shift.


A large part of this strategy was creating a brand for Your Money and turning it into a podcast.

Final Concepts_Page_10.jpg


I created this mark to be contemporary and fun but still feel trustworthy and reliable. It was important Your Money appeal to a wide audience of all ages.


When doing research of similar podcasts, dollar signs and speech bubbles were common iconography. I wanted to make sure our mark stood out, but still fit in the finance space.

Your Money Logo.jpg


The goal with the podcast art was to really let the decorative typeface shine and showcase the title of each episode.

Final Concepts_Page_14.jpg


The look and feel of the cover art was then carried over to social media posts to create a cohesive, recognizable look for the brand.

Social Media.jpg


The last piece of this brand project was to create a landing page on our website for the Your Money content to populate. Below is the final product created from mockups I designed and provided to our web developers.

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