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publication design

Echo Magazine is an annually published magazine produced by Columbia College Chicago. The 2017 theme was 'FLUX'. Which lead the design decisions and story directions.

The photo on the right is the final printed magazine with a matte black finish and iridescent foil.

Photo credit: Bianca Smith
Hand model: Zoë Eitel

Cover concepts:

These are some early cover concepts I developed based on our color scheme and 'FLUX' theme. Both played with the idea of being in flux, or a state of constant change. The cover on the left was part of the inspiration for our final cover.

"Foul-Weathered Friends":

The story “Foul–weathered Friends”, follows storm chasers in Illinois. I wanted to replicate the type of weather map a storm chaser would look at on a chase to make the reader feel like they were in the storm chasers’ shoes while reading. 


The images are courtesy photos from the storm chasers, and were edited using the style guide we created for the issue. 


Because this was one of our feature stories, it was given an extra page, a special title treatment and had the gradient map photo effect.

"Medical Miracle?":

Microdosing was not a term I had heard prior to designing this story. This made designing it a fun challenge. My goal was to make the visuals eye-catching yet informative. 


Throughout the process, I collaborated heavily with the writer, and she helped me a great deal in understanding what microdosing was and what it was not, common misconceptions/myths and why people partake in it.

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