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ux/ui design

Urban transit app with real-time transit tracking; providing accurate wait times and seat availability.

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The problem:

After interviewing college-age commuters, we found that there is a common frustration with the lack of a reliable, accurate and easy to use transit app.

The solution:

Our world moves fast, which means your transit app has to keep up. Meow Mapper was created to make using public transit a breeze, taking the guess work out of traveling via the CTA system. It provides accurate wait times, a real-time map with the location of your bus/train, estimated seat availability and nearby restaurants and shops powered by Google maps.

The name Meow Mapper started as a joke among our development team. We had used it as a placeholder until a "real" name was decided upon. As we continued through the ideation process for the app, we became attached, so it stuck. It's fun, it's cute, it's memorable.

The name:

The mark:

Once we decided on the name, I knew we needed an equally fun mark. Something that would make our target audience pause and take a second look, but also something that felt trustworthy. I created it to be a literal representation of the name—a cat (Meow) and a location icon (Mapper) put together.

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