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This rebrand was done for Illinois Science Council with a team of four designers. ISC is an organization with the motto, "science for the curious". They were in need of an updated brand that is inviting and accessible.

The mark:

I created this mark to allude to science, but not one specific area of science. It is a play off their current atom motif, but is meant to be more broad. This mark can represent chemical structures, biological compounds or ideas branching off in different directions; everyone who looks at it will see something different. This is the final logo chosen by our client.



Marks that didn't

make the cut:

After numerous rounds of logo roughs, revisions and Illustrator files, we wound up with a massive pile of science-y logos. These are only a few of the roughs I created throughout the design process.


Using abstract science-themed imagery, we really wanted to focus on ISC's tagline: Science for the curious.

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