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Metro Client Appreciation 2019

The biggest event we host is our Metro Client Appreciation Event, bringing in almost 2,000 local clients. This annual event is held at the Minnesota Zoo, and I got to created the event branding for it.

Registration sign 2.jpg

Because this event is family-oriented and fun, I went with whimsical line drawings of animals the zoo has. The line drawings were rendered keeping our value of simplicity in mind, which is why they are very minimal.

The Artwork:

The main form of communication with this event is via email. Clients would receive a handful of emails leading up to the event and after the event, so multiple banners needed to be created. It was important that they were all different but cohesive.

Email banners:

Email window.jpg
Email Banner_Fun Facts.jpg
Email Banner_See You Soon.jpg
Email Banner_Survey.jpg

This was a postcard-sized handout with the schedule of events for the evening and a map on the back.



2019 Invitation Design

Our financial advisory teams host over 60 events for their clients each year. We designed a suite of invites with multiple options for each event to allow advisors to choose which style they felt fit their clientele and event.

print invites_edited.jpg

Hermes Creative Award
Honorable Mention



2020 Invitation Design

Before the pandemic hit, we had planned out our suite of 2020 invites. As it became clear that we would not be able to have in-person events any time soon, we adjusted the designs to work for our digital event series.

Theater 2.jpg
Wine tasting.jpg
Boat cruise.jpg
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